Automated Network Security

Simplify protecting your network with Automated Network Security.

Automated Network Security adds another layer of ongoing protection for your business. Enable proactive and continuous threat protection with policy-based automations and security best practices.

Automated Network Security

The Benefits of Automated Network Security

Threats to your network are a 24/7 concern, which is why you need a continuous security solution. With automated network security, you get ongoing and centralized threat protection for your entire network. Automate deployment of your security policies, zero-touch provisioning, network topologies, and more from a single interface for complete threat prevention and protection.

Automated security for consistent protection

Stay ahead of threats with automated network security that enables you to quickly and easily configure common policy-based protections. Deploy and manage security policies and templates across your network, applications, users, and more, all from a single platform. These automations allow you to prevent human-based errors and protect against quickly changing threats to your systems.

Faster, easier configurations for your entire network

Rapidly deploy automated zero-touch provisioning and common network and security topologies, saving time and resources when securing your systems. Our automated network security solutions empower you to set up a secure network backed by proven, validated best practices while saving time and frustration.

SASE Automations

Fully automate your SASE security with automated signature and vulnerability updates, log analysis, configuration, and policy updates across your entire network. Our automated network security also supports automated self-healing with unified policy infrastructure to reduce change management burdens.

Automated, secure connectivity to cloud and third-party services

Orchestrations to your cloud and third-party secure web gateways are easily managed with S-NET's automated network security solutions. We provide API integrations and a fully integrated security stack to help you simplify your connectivity and performance without sacrificing security or introducing vulnerabilities into your network.

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