Granular Network Management

Drill down to your most critical data insights and manage your systems with precision.

Data and how it influences your decisions can make or break your daily operations. Make sure you have a complete picture and total control over your network performance with Granular Network Management capabilities.

Granular Network Management

The Benefits of S-NET Granular Network Management

S-NET empowers you with the maximum impact of your key data insights and resources. Oversee your systems through a single interface, drill down to any data point or take in a high-level overview and make fully informed decisions. Granular Network Management provides you with the tools you need to see and manage your business clearly from all angles.

Single Pane of Glass Oversight

With Granular Network Management, you can see your full network from a bird’s eye view. S-NET makes it simple to view your data from a high level as well as zero in on second-to-second performance data. You’ll always know what your network is doing and how to manage your business, all from a single, centralized view.

Secure Your Network

Our Granular Network Management allows you to strengthen the security of your system by assigning and limiting access to network resources by user roles, devices, or other business needs. Fortify your network resources from the inside with the ability to manage access to mission-critical resources on a granular level, leaving no vulnerabilities in your workflows.

Remote Workforce Visibility & Security

Oversee traffic on your network between applications, devices, and users from any location. Unite your distributed and remote workforce into one centrally managed network for tighter security and granular controls. Manage access to mission-critical network resources such as Office 365, Salesforce, Gmail, and other SaaS applications, while managing optimal performance through software-defined policies across the organization. You have total control over your network with zero touch provisioning from anywhere.

S-NET is Your Solution Network

S-NET is a complete communication solutions provider and trusted technology partner. We will meet you wherever you are in your technology journey and provide the solutions, services, and support you need to reach your goals.

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