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Wireless Broadband Connectivity

S-NET's Wireless Broadband service gives your business communications a boost with fast, reliable solutions for primary and backup connectivity and predictable monthly charges.

With new applications, visitor connectivity and IoT devices eating away at your bandwidth at an unprecedented rate, mission-critical workflows can slow to a crawl. S-NET's Wireless Broadband service can give your business the boost in connectivity it needs to stay efficient and competitive in a digital era.

Dependable Backup for Business Continuity

Even a brief Internet outage can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Ensure that your businessessential functions continue to perform in a secure environment, regardless of network congestion or an outage on your wired connection. S-NET’s Wireless Broadband service delivers a cost-effective, secure failover solution, so your business can move forward uninterrupted.

Network Augmentation

Combine your wired and wireless circuits into an active-active solution and leverage your failover budget for key day-to-day operations both during network downtime and when service is steady. SNET's Wireless Broadband offers a cost-effective solution to increase bandwidth and support a growing number of applications.

Wireless Broadband
Reliable Primary and Backup Connections

Reliable Primary and Backup Connections

Wireless Broadband provides dependable backup in case of wired network congestion or failure and flexible plans for augmenting your existing network.

Predictable Monthly Pricing

Predictable Monthly Pricing

Our flat monthly rates are based on connection speed, not on data usage, so you never have to pay overage charges.

Prepared for New Technologies

Prepared for New Technologies

Wireless Broadband prepares your business, users and workflows for cloud-based applications and IoT devices.

Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

S-NET's Wireless Broadband service can be up and running in as little as one day and speeds up the deployment of new locations in an expanding business.

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