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Migrating Former SkyTalk Clients to the S-NET Communications Platform | FAQ

S-NET Communications completed the acquisition of SkyTalk on October 25, 2019, and we are now operating as one. With the integration of our two businesses, we have begun the migration of former SkyTalk clients to S-NET’s cloud communications platform. We are dedicated to your success and will continue to provide customers large and small with the same high quality services that they have been accustomed to.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why must my customer account migrate?

With the merging of SkyTalk and S-NET Communications, your services provided by SkyTalk will be replaced with more advanced services from S-NET Communications, and former SkyTalk services will be discontinued. By transitioning to the S-NET Communications platform, you will enjoy exceptionally reliable service and you will be given access to a much wider range of available features, extended customer support provided by the S-NET Technical Team, as well as numerous additional service options.


What should I expect during the migration?

Your account has been assigned to an S-NET Project Manager, who will ensure that your transition to S-NET services is smooth. Your assigned Project Manager will work closely with your former SkyTalk Plus / current S-NET Authorized Partner, who will continue to be available as a resource. They will contact you to coordinate and schedule the migration. No significant disruptions to your services are expected during this process and you will be able to return to ‘business-as-usual’ immediately.


Will my services change after the migration?

The daily services you receive will be equivalent or greater than those received before the migration. Your S-NET Authorized Partner will inform you of additional features and functionalities available to you after the migration. The terms and conditions of your services will not change. All former SkyTalk Plus contracts remain in force for your account and will be fully honored by S-NET.


Will my billing change after the migration?

The cost of your services will be equal or less than your current billing. Your assigned Project Manager and S-NET Authorized Partner will be able to provide you more information about your individual account.


What benefits will I receive after migration?

S-NET Communications is an established cloud communications provider, with exceptionally reliable service and a highly responsive Customer Support Team, who will be there to ensure that all your services are running at peak performance. S-NET Communications also offers a wide range of features, functionalities and services that will be available to you after your transition, including managed network service and team collaboration tools.


For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact your S-NET Authorized Partner or reach out to Customer Support at (866) 404-7638, Option 1.

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