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Illinois Taxes and Surcharges

Following is a partial list of taxes and governmental surcharges for your state. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are subject to change and rates may differ by the municipality. Consult your bill for the charges applicable to your service and the most current rates. Click on the links for more information.

State Excise Tax 7% Telecom Excise Tax Act
State IMF 0.50% telecomminfra.htm Telecom Infrastructure Maint Fees
State Universal Serv. Fund Charge 0.54% ICC Telecommunications
Chicago Simplified Telecommunications Tax 7% applies to Chicago customers only Telecommunications Tax (7501)
Simplified Municipal Telecommunications Tax 6% applies to all Illinois municipalities excluding Chicago ICC Simplified Municipal Telecom Tax Telecommunications Simplified Muni Telecom Tax Act
State Sales Tax 9% Retailers’ Occupation Tax Act
911 Surcharge Averages from $5 to $12.50 per customer. 911
Telecom Relay Services & Equip $0.01 to $0.06 Telecommunications Excise Tax Act

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