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Exhibit II | Wireless Broadband

1. Scope

This Schedule to the Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between Customer and S-NET provides Customers subscribing to the “S-NET Wireless Broadband Data Network” with certain rights and remedies regarding the performance of the S-NET Wireless Broadband Data Network.  The S-NET Wireless Broadband Data Networ​​k is defined as the S-NET owned or leased and operated Data Protocol (IP) routing infrastructure consisting of Network to Network interfaces and selected S-NET points of presence (“POPs”) and the connections ​​between them in the United States.   The S-NET Wireless Broadband Data Network does not include (1) Customer premise equipment or Customer-owned Hardware; (ii) any local loop or access facilities connecting Customer’s premises to the S-NET POP; (iii) any conne​ctions between The S-NET Wireless Broadband Data Network and other data service providers, or (iv) other data service provider networks.  The terms of this Schedule to the SLA will take effect the first full calendar month after Customer’s first use of the S-NET Wireless Broadband Data Network. Undefined terms shall have th​e meaning provided in the Agreement.


2. SLA Parameters

2.1 Speeds. S-NET does not guarantee speeds which are subject to network availability.

2.2 Liability. S-NET shall have no liability for any service interruptions, delays, errors or defects that last less than 24 hours.

2.3 Infringement. S-NET will have no duty to defend, indemnify, or hold harmless Customer from and against any settlements, damages, costs and other amounts incurred by Customer arising from the actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property based on equipment and/or supplemental services furnished under this agreement.

2.4 S-NET Dynamic Traffic Management enables qualified customers to prioritize their business-critical applications on the S-NET domestic 4G LTE network. After 50GB of data usage, S-NET may slow speeds. Up to 50Mbps & 100Mbps speeds require a wireless router with a Category 11 or higher modem and AT&T 5G Evolution coverage.



The solution is a nationwide connectivity solution that provides a data only LTE wireless connection for use at fixed locations using LTE enabled routers. S-NET Wireless Broadband plans offer tiered speeds, of up to 8 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps with no overage charges.

3.1 Eligible Devices: Plans may only be used for a CRU line with a qualified data-only wireless router located in a fixed location using machine-to-machine business applications needing wireless data communication between the router and Customer’s data center. Each qualified device activated with an S-NET Wireless Broadband plan must have a primary place of use (“PPU”) within S-NET’s operated wireless network coverage area within the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands (“Domestic Coverage Area”). Customer may not use Service with any device other than S-NET approved LTE enabled routers. A list of approved devices can be found at . S-NET may place the non-complying device(s) on the appropriate plan(s). If a device not designed for the Service is used with this rate plan, S-NET reserves the right to switch Customer to an appropriate plan and bill Customer the associated fees for such plan.

3.2 Unlimited Data: Plans do not include roaming. Tiered Data Speeds: Data speeds for each plan are maximum data speeds; actual speeds may be slower, particularly after a usage threshold has been met. 50Mbps and 100Mbps tier peak data speeds are not available in all S-NET 4G/LTE coverage areas and requires 5G Evolution capable devices.

3.3 Data Restrictions: After a data usage threshold on a line has been met in a given month, S-NET may slow the data on that line during periods of network congestion for the remainder of that billing cycle. The thresholds are 175 GB for the 100Mbps plan, 125 GB for the 50Mbps plan, 75 GB for the 12Mbps plan and 50 GB for the 8Mbps plan. See for details on AT&T network management policies. S-NET Wireless Broadband is not intended for use with streaming video, or streaming audio, web hosting or public/guest Wi-Fi.

3.4 Excessive Use Policy: S-NET Wireless Broadband lines are intended to be used for Customer’s official business use only. S-NET Wireless Broadband routers on the cellular data network will be used for business critical applications and business critical data. S-NET recommends that the router be used with a cloud management solution to manage end user traffic and ensure end user is not in violation of the use restrictions. S-NET will identify users with excessive usage and will notify Customer and review if the usage is in line with official business use for business critical applications and business critical data which does not include streaming video, streaming audio, web hosting and public or guest Wi-Fi. If user is not in compliance with these terms, S-NET may require Customer to move to a Business Connect Pooled Plan. If excessive usage is within business use, S-NET will work to identify and implement an alternative solution, included (but not limited to) discussing efforts for Wi-Fi offload, application settings, and other network efficiency adjustments such as using a managed service to restrict usage. S-NET may provide excessive usage notification after any billing period; Customer will have the following billing period to take action upon receipt of the notification. Failure to take action could result in the line being disconnected or moved to another rate plan and loss of future access to Wireless Broadband plans.



4.1 Feature uses quality of service (“QoS”) network technology to give Customer a differentiated (i.e., enhanced versus “best effort”) 4G LTE network experience for Business Application data traffic originated on and traversing entirely over the S-NET domestic 4G LTE network (i.e., excluding microcells, and roaming partners’ networks). The feature is included on the 100Mbps, 50Mbps, 12Mbps and 8Mbps plans. The feature does not include preemption. Device Requirements: Each line must have a qualified S-NET Wireless Broadband plan and an applicable 4G LTE/5G Evolution-compatible device provisioned with a Business Application used for transport of data to Customer’s data center also provisioned with a Business Application. Business Application: Applications that are used for the transmission of Customer’s data to and from its authorized CRU lines’ 4G LTE/ 5G Evolution-enabled Equipment, including routers, (each

4.2 “Business Application”). Business Applications may include, without limitation, push-to-talk, dispatch, logistics, command and control, telematics, and monitoring applications used by Customer’s authorized CRU lines. Usage Limitation: Each line may use Dynamic Traffic Management – Enterprise on up to 50 GB of data with the 100Mbps plan, 30 GB of data with the 50Mbps plan and 10 GB of data per month on the 12Mbps and 8Mbps plans. Limitations: Feature is available only within the DCA. Feature does not prioritize Customer’s Business Application data traffic ahead of all other data traffic; other data traffic may have the same or higher QoS. AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management – Enterprise may not be used with applications primarily intended for use by consumers, including but not limited to, (a) mobile video transmission applications, (b) applications that transmit data to and receive data from all or substantially all Internet endpoints, and (c) video streaming applications.

4.3 Additional terms and conditions for Dynamic Traffic Management. Termination or Suspension: S-NET reserves the right to terminate, suspend or restrict the feature if Customer’s use is inconsistent with the terms and conditions for the feature or the Business Agreement.



Subject to the applicable Business Agreement. Activation/Upgrade Fee: $45 per CRU line. Deposit may apply. Credit approval may be required. Other Monthly Charges: Apply per line and may include taxes, federal/state universal service charges, a Regulatory Cost Recovery fee, a gross receipts surcharge, and other governmental assessments (including w/out limitation a Property Tax Allotment surcharge applied per CRU’s assigned number), which are not government-required charges. Surcharges are not prorated. Coverage: For the most current coverage info for your area, check or contact an S-NET representative. Coverage may include areas served by unaffiliated carriers. Service is intended for use primarily within the Domestic Coverage Area.


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