Schedule F Cellular Data Backup Internet Access

This Schedule to the Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between Customer and S-NET provides Customers with Cellular Data Backup Internet Access (hereinafter “Cellular Backup”).

SLA Parameters

1.1 Regulatory Matters

This Agreement shall at all times be subject to (a) changes or modifications to comply with, and (b) any necessary approvals of, local, state and federal regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over the provision of Cellular Backup.

1.2 Compliance with Rules, Procedures and Good Business Practices

S-NET complies with (a) all FCC rules and regulations, all tariffs,  or other governmental body relating to the sale of Cellular Backup, and (b) all rules and procedures concerning the conduct of S-NET’s business relating to Cellular Backup reasonably prescribed from time to time by the underlying network, which (to the extent applicable) rules and procedures are incorporated by reference in this Agreement. S-NET shall give Customer thirty (30) days’ written notice prior to the effective date of any new rules and procedures prescribed, and/or any changes of previously promulgated rules and procedures relating to Cellular Backup.

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