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Every Business is a Customer Service Center 

Illustration of customer service representative Illustration of customer service representative
S-NET Communications, Inc. October 26, 2022

According to investopedia.com, giving great customer service is one of the top ten ways to build a successful business. And nowadays, a friendly staff just doesn’t cut it. You will need to think of more creative ways to support your clients. But as a small business, you may have financial and staffing constraints working against you. One easy change you can make is to include a few cost-effective contact center licenses in your team‘s toolkit.

Big Fish, Little Fish

We all know that big businesses and organizations that have large call centers can utilize contact center technology. However, did you know small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from call and contact center technology even more than large corporations?

That’s because the right contact center software can help businesses manage all their client interactions and increase the quality of their customer service – all without adding more agents! We dare say that small businesses with as few as 2 representatives and limited resources have the most to gain when utilizing a contact center service like S-NET’s Engage.

How Does a Contact Center Improve Customer Service?

There are many ways that a small business can put its customers first with contact center technologies. Even though the technology is highly advanced, it’s not overly complicated to operate. So small teams can greatly benefit from call or contact center solutions due to their ability to take on several tasks at once.

Artificial Intelligence

When your customers want to reach you, they need to be able to. This applies to all times of day, not just during business hours. So, the question is, how will you provide for those ’3 AM’ customers when you don’t have overnight staff? The answer is simple: take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI)! Most contact center solutions provide AI-driven chatbots that can be your 24/7 employee over phone, chat, email, and more.

Yes, AI is great for those non-staffed hours in the night, but we would be amiss if we didn’t cover those working hours too. AI can help shoulder the load of incoming questions and requests during regular business hours when your staff has their hands full. As your business and client base grows, your contact center AI can help improve your customers’ experience.

Not only does an AI-driven chatbot function 24/7, but it also is highly productive and customer friendly. This is because it can provide your customers with answers to basic questions, reducing the number of people who need to speak with a physical representative. So, you do not need to increase your staff size to improve customer service.

Some AI chatbots, like the one offered through S-NET Engage, incorporates sentiment analysis as well. This means that when customers interact with your chatbot, it can pick up on the emotions of the client through voice and text analysis and adjusts its automated responses to provide a better client experience.

Customized, Automated Workflows

Automated workflows shorten customer wait times and decrease the amount of time workers spend on calls meant for other departments. As the main decision maker for your business, you know your customers best and can set up automated communication workflows that will perfectly fit your customers’ needs. From routing the client to the right department or an agent that speaks their language to automated internal notifications for your team or auto-triggered confirmation messages sent to the customer, contact center automations can make your operations smoother, providing clients with a faster and better service experience.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Small businesses can benefit most from the omnichannel capabilities of a contact center solution. That’s because these solutions offer an intuitive agent interface and hundreds of integrations. For example, S-NET Engage offers its users the ability to access customer information, including all past client interactions from any channel, creating a complete record of each client’s history with the company. This allows agents to serve customers more efficiently and more effectively than if they used several different programs and software. Faster service means better customer service and happier clients.

Not only does this “one pane of glass” approach offer better customer service to your clients, but also an easier and more efficient workday for your employees. With omnichannel capabilities, agents won’t have to waste time constantly checking social media, email, voicemail, and SMS just to ensure they are not missing any customer messages. Keeping your staff happy ensures that your clients speak to a pleasant representative every time they contact your business.

The perfect solution for small and all sized businesses can come in the shape of a contact center. With the ease of use, functionality, and overall improved customer experience, all at a low cost, small businesses can’t afford NOT to utilize one.

The Customer Service Contact Center For You

While there are many options for you to choose from when it comes to communications solutions, we here at S-NET like to think we offer the best. And the proof is in the pudding! S-NET Engage is packed full of the features you need to offer the best in customer service. Our customer service representatives are ready and waiting to take your call and answer any questions you may have about what S-NET Engage can do for you.  Call us today to get started with S-NET Engage!

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