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The Importance of Unifying Your Vendors

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Alex Fayn August 5, 2021

How many unique communications services and vendors is your business using today? How many different apps, platforms, dashboards, and file-sharing services are you toggling between each day? As both technological capabilities and your business have evolved, it’s probably just become second nature to add a new service or provider when you need one. Of course! You have a problem, and this shiny new app or software solves it. Who wouldn’t sign up?

Where there’s growth, there’s usually growing pains, and communications services is no different. A recent report detailed in the Wall Street Journal shows a staggering 68% increase in the number of software apps deployed by large firms, an average of 129 apps per business. Smaller firms, while utilizing fewer apps, are still increasing the number they deploy, averaging 73.

Wherever your business falls, it’s clear things can quickly get out of hand. Bouncing around from app to app all day takes time, gets unmanageable, frustrates your employees, and costs your business. Unifying your communications services and minimizing the number of vendors you have to interact with increases your operational efficiency, saves you time and money, and eases employee tensions.

Cut off the unnecessary dead weight and endless service providers who are holding your business back. Unify your communications platforms and bundle your Managed IT Services with one reliable provider and enjoy all of the benefits of unified services.

Boost Your Business’ Efficiency with One Service Provider

Toggling between several dozen apps or platforms takes time. Opening the software, logging in, remembering which app does what, and then finding the tab you need eats up precious work hours.

A recent study from Pega found that within 5 million work hours reviewed, the average employee switches between 35 apps more than 1,100 times a day. One thousand one hundred times a day. Further, they found that this time adds up to over an hour of lost productivity each day per employee. Say goodbye to 5 hours a week from each of your employees!

Not only is the physical act of switching from one app to another a time-suck, but consider all of the other time spent managing these apps. Your employees must remember which service does what, where is this file saved again? Does Mark prefer email or text? If I can’t reach Beth via phone, what app should I try next? The mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance can become dizzying.

On top of all of that, the more apps and services you use, the more likely it is that at least one of them is experiencing issues at any given time. Who do your employees reach out to? How do they request a ticket when their communications services malfunction?

With one reliable provider, you can seamlessly integrate all of your services into one platform. Deliver a consistent UX to your employees, and eliminate time spent wasted bouncing from one messaging service to the other.

With S-NET unified communications and managed services bundled, your business enjoys best-in-class service, one simple interface, and high-level IT expertise. Save your employees time and offer a truly integrated and functional work environment.

Improve Manageability and Operational Agility

When your business deals with multiple vendors to support your day-to-day operations, you suffer from a lack of operational agility.

Imagine your business experiences a great quarter and you need to add a few teammates to support the growth so you hire 3 new employees. Now, either you, your IT manager, or someone else within the organization must create new accounts for each of those employees across your suite of services.

New desk phones, new computers, new logins to all of the apps you use, and all of the onboarding and training those apps require. Even just adding 3 new employees can take a tremendous amount of time, especially if your business falls closer to the average of 73 apps (that’s 220 new accounts..).

Not only is scaling a monumental task across multiple vendors and services but so is dealing with any situations that arise. Your customer service experience may vary wildly if you can figure out how to get ahold of anyone who can help you.

Instead, with just one provider who manages your phone, messaging, data, file sharing, and provides Managed Services, your support, for nearly any technological issue, is simple to access. Get industry-leading support and lightning-fast response time from a reliable provider you can trust.

Let S-NET Manage Your Tech

Your business relies on a wide range of services and equipment to function as normal. If you’re like most businesses, this comes with an overwhelming number of vendors and apps. Your employees and your business deserve better.

Enable your staff to work productively and free from frustrating app-toggling while ensuring that your network and business-critical applications are always functional. S-NET offers our clients a seamless process from start to installation, handling all of your technology and maintenance, and providing 99.999% uptime.

We offer the high-level IT expertise your business needs, with the white-glove customer service that you expect. We’re large enough to deliver and small enough to care. We’re in the business of empowering yours. Contact us today to cut out the unnecessary vendors and applications holding your business back.

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