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UCaaS: Everything You Need to Know

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As the world of telecommunications and technology continues to evolve, keeping up with the latest trends can become overwhelming. The newest and most preferred business communications solution on the market is UCaaS or Unified Communications as as Service.

The ultimate business communication tool, UCaaS is taking businesses by storm. But, what does it even mean? How is it different from what’s already on the market? We took a look at the ins and outs of UCaaS, and explain everything you need to know.

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service. Simple, right?

Not so much.

In order to fully understand the depth of UCaaS and the benefits it provides, you must first understand unified communications. In short, “unified communications” is the interconnected framework of all forms of communication that your company currently uses.

All of the messaging, software, video chat, and phone systems your company is currently juggling? House all of those under the same roof, with the same application and you’ve achieved unified communications.

Now that you’ve got that, don’t get thrown off by the addition of “as a Service” at the end. “As a Service” just implies the delivery method of your service and software. Similar to SaaS (software as a service).

UCaaS draws much of its functionality from VoIP phone, but does expand upon it.

How UCaaS Works

UCaaS serves to streamline your communications tools. One simple solution across your entire platform, UCaaS provides real-time communication, including voice, text, and video, over the internet.

Since it is powered by your internet network, you most likely do not need any supplemental hardware or equipment to power your communication.

VoIP phone provides the base functionality for all UCaaS systems, and would rightfully be considered the predecessor to UCaaS. VoIP converts voice data (like phone calls and voicemail) into small data packets that can easily be transported and interpreted. Transmitted through the cloud, this data can be sent virtually anywhere.

UCaaS expands upon VoIP by blending video, text, and voice communication.

The Benefits of UCaaS

Save Money

Despite how new and advanced this technology is, it does not come with a shocking price tag. In fact, users who switch their business communications tools to one UCaaS platform experience savings over time.

If you have an outdated PBX system, upgrading to UCaaS reduces your maintenance costs over time. Gone are the days of bulky hardware and expensive upkeep on old, ancient machinery. Instead, maintaining your UCaaS platform is significantly cheaper and easier.

Not only that, but you’ll also realize cost savings due to unifying your communications apps. Ideally, your UCaaS platform should tackle:

  • Audio and phone conferencing
  • Online meeting apps
  • Text messaging
  • Internal IT Management
  • Internal file sharing
  • On-premises telephones

With all of those apps under one system, you no longer need to pay separate subscriptions for these services. Your finance department will thank you for reducing the number of invoices they handle each month.

Work From Anywhere Technology

Of course, since beginning to return to normal business operations, work from anywhere technology is less of a hot ticket item for many businesses. Despite this though, remote work is here to stay. Its benefits have already been proven, and, like it or not, companies all over the world will continue to adopt at least a hybrid business model.

Do not take work from anywhere technology for granted, even if your company is returning to in-office work.

Thankfully, UCaaS seamlessly grants your employees the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. With no need for analog wires physically connecting your phones and offices, your employees are no longer tethered to their desks.

Don’t forget, switching to a UCaaS platform shouldn’t require any extra hardware, so your employees truly can work anywhere they have an internet connection.

Streamline your Tools with UCaaS

As we mentioned, a reliable UCaaS platform should unify all of your communications tools. This means you can delete all of those countless apps your employees are using everyday, once and for all.

Streamlining your communications significantly increases employee productivity. They no longer waste time bouncing from one app to another, trying to keep them all straight. Similarly, your organization is less prone to experiencing downtime. With so many apps and tools to keep track off, chances are, one of them is malfunctioning.

Reliable Endpoint Security

As more and more organizations adopt a work from anywhere model, securing your organization’s critical data becomes a bigger and bigger concern.

With UCaaS, you can rest assured that you have an ironclad security system, supported by Next-Generation Firewall. This security goes well beyond traditional IP address and port-blocking security to provide you with strong enterprise grade protection.

With enhanced application visibility and control, you can allow, deny, or restrict access to individual users, or your organization as a whole. With our best-in-class Firewall and security, your organization is as secure as it gets.

Quickly Scale with UCaaS

As you’ve probably picked up by now, UCaaS’ virtue lies in its simplicity. Scaling and growing your business with UCaas is no exception!

Enjoy the beautiful simplicity of scaling and adding new users instantly with a cloud-based UCaaS platform. All you need to worry about is having a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

Not only is adding new users seamless, but you can add entire new locations or regions with just the click of a button.

Enhanced Insights and Analytics

With all of your communication/file sharing taking place within one software, extracting data and monitoring KPIs could not be easier!

Instead of bouncing from dashboard to dashboard, you’re able to easily explore all of the data that you need to inform your decision making. Monitor calls, internet activity, messages sent, emails, and much more!

Your Bottom Line

As a small business owner, keeping up with the latest technology likely falls pretty low on your priority list. If it even makes the list. We understand. That’s why it is so important, particularly for small businesses, to find a reliable technology partner.

Your technology, including your UCaaS, should help you overcome challenges, not create new ones.

At S-NET, we go the extra mile and truly provide our clients with the white-glove customer service they deserve. We serve thousands of users, and experience over 99% reliable uptime.

Contact us to upgrade your business communications and achieve your business goals.

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