Marco's Pizza Case Study

Accelerating Marco's Pizza Business Growth with a Robust Network Foundation.

Known for its high-quality product, national presence, and commitment to technology and innovation, Marco's Pizza is one of the fastest-growing pizza brands in the United States. Located in 34 states, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, the franchise has over 1,100 open stores, an additional 200 stores in various stages of development, and more than 350 new franchise agreements signed.

Marco's Pizza
Rick Stanbridge EVP & Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza

Rick Stanbridge

EVP & Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza

Marco's Pizza - Customer Story

The Power of Tailored-fit Technology

We knew technology innovation was key to scaling our national operation successfully, but without a solid network foundation, we would not have been able to roll out the franchise-wide systems needed to achieve our goals. So, when S-NET suggested a custom-tailored SD-WAN solution that provides advanced network and bandwidth management capabilities and ensures exceptional performance for all our technology, I knew this was the key to unlocking our accelerated business growth.

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