Secure SD-WAN Case Study - Familia Dental

Accelerating Healthcare Business Growth with SD-WAN

A national dental practice that provides accessible, high-quality dentistry and orthodontics to patients of all ages needed to transform its legacy infrastructure to address multiple challenges related to its ongoing expansion: WAN resiliency, demand for availability and security compliance adherence. S-NET's Secure SD-WAN was the perfect solution for their needs.

Accelerating Healthcare Business Growth with Secure SD-WAN

Aaron Bianucci

Director of Information Technology, Familia Dental

Secure SD-WAN - Familia Dental Customer Story

The Value of True Partnership

As we're growing we want somebody who wants us to grow. We just don't want somebody who wants to use their products, and that's where S-NET has come in and actually been more of a partner more so than just a straight vendor.

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