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SD-WAN Improves Your Network and Reduces Costs

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking)

SD-WAN simplifies your network operations, lowers your ongoing operational costs, and improves critical cloud-based business application performance including VoIP, video and call center.


Many businesses, just like yours, are considering switching to #SDWAN to help them better manage their dispersed locations and employees. Watch Alex Fayn, S-NET Communications CEO summarize the 7 main ways SD-WAN can benefit such growing companies.

Why you should switch to SD-WAN

Until now, enterprises had to choose between expensive, complex private or MPLS networks or lower cost, but less reliable broadband WAN connections.
SD-WAN disrupts these aging technologies and renders MPLS networks obsolete.
Reduce Cost

Reduce Your Costs

By augmenting or replacing your MPLS networks with SD-WAN, you will lower your ongoing operational expenses by routing less business-critical traffic through SD-WAN connections.

Seamless Failover

Ensure seamless failover between multiple links

Avoid service disruptions, dropped calls and video stalls. S-Net software intelligently and seamlessly shifts active sessions from failed links to available ones.

Improve Application Performance

Improve Your Application Performance

You have the power to prioritize business-critical applications and improve the speed and functionality of cloud-based applications on your network. Your VoIP calls will never be dropped again!

Simplify Network Deployment

Simplify Your Network Deployment and Changes

Deploying a new branch is easy with zero-touch provisioning. With a centralized management interface, making changes is simple; you can make network-wide configuration in one click.


Enhance Your Security with Built-in Firewalls

Next Generation firewalls are built into your SD-WAN hardware. They can be activated and configured from the same management console. Protect the core and edges of your network with firewalls that have web content filtering, application awareness, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.

Prepares Migrations to Cloud

Prepare Your Network to Migrate to the Cloud

Your email servers and voice will eventually moving to the cloud (if they haven't already). SD-WAN helps prepare for that migration by setting up the infrastructure to route business-critical traffic and delivering cloud applications with reliability and consistency.

Enhance Quality of Service for VoIP Calls

Ensure Excellent Quality for VoIP Calls

Stabilize your network connections and minimize packet loss and dropped calls by utilizing our unique forward error correction technology.

Control Traffic Flow and Application Awareness

Control Traffic Flow and Application Awareness

Gain real-time application visibility and control over the health and performance of your network with SD-WAN. With its advanced routing functionality, SD-WAN recognizes and routes applications according to policies and app-specific SLAs that you define and manage.

How SD-WAN Works

SD-WAN offers enterprises flexible solutions to connect physical locations to each other and to control how mission-critical applications are routed through public and private network connections in real time.

How SD-WAN Works

SD-WAN's intelligent software can be seamlessly integrated alongside your current WAN or used to augment your MPLS network – or can replace your MPLS altogether. Upon deployment, your SD-WAN will recognize and route applications and traffic through the public internet or your private network according to protocols, policies and app-specific SLAs that your company defines and manages through a single pane of glass. This allows you to monitor network health and application performance in real time. Until now, enterprises had to choose between expensive, complex, private or MPLS networks or lower cost, but less reliable broadband WAN connections. SD-WAN disrupts these aging technologies and renders MPLS networks obsolete.

More Key Attributes of SD-WAN


Increases reliability and security over WAN
Supports multiple connection types, from MPLS to broadband to LTE
Allows for load sharing across multiple connections
Dynamic SLA-based application traffic engineering
Seamless integration with legacy network protocols
Supports aggregation of multiple networking services within the same physical device
Centralized control and management plane
Supports zero-touch provisioning for easy mass deployment of hardware

What makes S-NET's SD-WAN Different?

With so many SD-WAN vendors on the market, what makes S-NET different?.

S-NET is more than just SD-WAN

S-NET is more than just SD-WAN. We are a boutique, cloud-solutions provider. We offer a full suite of cloud-based business solutions that work together to provide you with end to end branch office networking tools – from VOIP to Fiber Internet to SD-WAN and beyond.

We are a first-class VoIP provider

Our cloud phone system allows you to increase business productivity and efficiency by never missing a call and connecting employees that work remotely.

We take a "white glove" approach to implementation / customer service

Our technicians are local and we believe in excellent customer service. We come to you for installation and consultation, so you don't have to deal with a do-it-yourself, "plug and pray" package that most providers hand over.

One Account Manager is dedicated to each client

S-NET clients have a single point of contact for any concerns. With one phone call, adds, moves, changes, technical support and billing questions can be addressed in minutes instead of hours. With consistent updates, our clients always know the status of their support tickets.

Our SD-WAN is backed by Versa Network

They are an innovative vendor in the SD-WAN and SD-Security space, and their carrier-grade network function virtualization (NFV) software allows S-NET to provide unmatched agility, cost savings and flexibility to our SD-WAN clients.

S-NET's Next Generation Firewalls are second to none

We are the only service provider that offers a built-in firewall in the same SD-WAN appliance.


What Our Client are Saying:

With S-NET's SDWAN solution we were able to set up and include digital voice for 41 offices along with digital voice across the US in 30 days. Additionally, we were able to significantly reduce costs by 40 percent, double bandwidth and improve reliability by 60 percent. These results are key to our success in accomplishing our mission of making dental care affordable for everyone.

— Medical Office

Reliable connectivity, powered by AT&T

Deploy a robust SD-WAN network with enterprise-grade connectivity and provide reliable bandwidth speeds for all your mission-critical applications. AT&T Fiber Optic Connectivity and AT&T Wireless WAN services ensure constant uptime for your team so that your business never has to come to a halt again.

S-NET Communications is a Platinum Solutions Provider in the AT&T Partner Exchange, bringing you exceptional connections to support your business in its growth. Our entire connectivity offering relies on the AT&T Switched Ethernet Network to ensure the delivery of your business-critical voice, video and data applications.

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