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SD-WAN Improves Your Network and Reduces Costs

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking)

Simplify your network operations and security with S-NET's Secure SD-WAN Solutions. Easily manage all your locations and users from a unified admin interface and increase your team's efficiency by optimizing traffic to all your cloud-based applications.

 SD-WAN cloud

Easily Connect All Your Locations

Connect All Your Locations and Users

Connect all your locations and remote employees into a unified network. S-NET’s secure SD-WAN enables your team to access cloud-based, SaaS and premise-based resources safely and efficiently from anywhere. Easily control network traffic based on application, user, device or GEO location.

Control Traffic Flow and Application Awareness

Simplify Network Management

Easily manage all your network routing and security policies and review real-time analytics through a simple admin interface. S-NET’s SD-WAN allows you to mass-deploy policies with a few clicks, set up new branches in minutes, and consolidate all your network functions into one device at each location.

Simplify Network Deployment

Give Your Cloud-Based Resources a Solid Foundation

Maximize security and quality of service for all your cloud-based resources. Easily manage and optimize traffic to public cloud services and automate cloud management with S-NET’s virtual SD-WAN appliances certified by, and natively deployed in AWS and Azure.


Protect Your Network with a Built-In Security

Keep your network secure with a powerful security stack built right into your SD-WAN appliance. Manage complex Next Generation Firewall, Unified Threat Management and Secure Access capabilities from a single, user-friendly interface for in-office and remote users.

Improve Application Performance

Increase Your Team's Efficiency with Exceptional App Performance

Ensure that all your team’s applications are running at peak performance. S-NET’s Secure SD-WAN technology stabilizes your network connections, allows you to set app- and user-specific SLAs and routes all your mission-critical traffic on the best available connection at any given time.

Reduce Cost

Reduce Connectivity, Licensing, Hardware and Hosting Costs

Reduce your reliance on expensive MPLS connections and cut your licensing, hardware, hosting and management costs. Integrate your SDWAN, Routing, Remote Access, Next Generation Firewall, LTE WAN backup and Analytics into a single, cost-effective subscription.

Explore S-NET's managed Secure SD-WAN services and learn how you can simplify your network operations and security management.

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How SD-WAN Works

SD-WAN offers enterprises flexible solutions to connect physical locations and remote users to each other and to control how mission-critical applications are routed through public and private network connections in real time.

How SD-WAN Works

SD-WAN's intelligent software can be seamlessly integrated alongside your current WAN or used to augment your MPLS network – or can replace your MPLS altogether. Upon deployment, your SD-WAN will recognize and route applications and traffic through the public internet or your private network according to protocols, policies and app-specific SLAs that your company defines and manages through a single pane of glass. This allows you to monitor network health and application performance in real time. Until now, enterprises had to choose between expensive, complex, private or MPLS networks or lower cost, but less reliable broadband WAN connections. SD-WAN disrupts these aging technologies and renders MPLS networks obsolete.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant logoMagic Quadrant

S-NET's SD-WAN Solution backed by Versa Networks has been recognized as a leading service in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure. A leader in Secure SD-WAN, S-NET’s feature-rich solution delivers simplicity, agility, reliability and cost-optimization across numerous branch locations. It is the only enterprise networking solution that unifies SD-WAN, robust routing and Advanced Security into a single software.

Testimonial  |  Familia Dental

National dental practice, Familia Dental, transformed its legacy infrastructure to address the challenges of its ongoing expansion. S-NET's SD-WAN solution enabled the enterprise to increase available bandwidth, optimize application performance, enhance security and automate data and compliance management.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Lock  Secure Your Team from Home

Build an agile network that easily adapts to changing circumstances and make ‘work-from-home’ seamless and secure. S-NET’s Secure Access solution gives your remote team a resilient connection to cloud-hosted, on-premises and SaaS applications and gives you granular control of routing and security policies, regardless where they are located. Easily manage traffic and security based on application, user, device or GEO location with features such as Application Control, IP and URL Filtering, Firewall and Antivirus.

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Deploy a robust SD-WAN network with enterprise-grade connectivity and provide reliable bandwidth speeds for all your mission-critical applications. AT&T Fiber Optic Connectivity and AT&T Wireless WAN services ensure constant uptime for your team so that your business never has to come to a halt again.

S-NET Communications is a Platinum Solutions Provider in the AT&T Partner Exchange, bringing you exceptional connections to support your business in its growth. Our entire connectivity offering relies on the AT&T Switched Ethernet Network to ensure the delivery of your business-critical voice, video and data applications.

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