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Reduce Communication Costs

Leave your outdated technology behind to simplify your infrastructure and reduce communication costs

S-NET's cloud-based technology solutions reduce your communication and networking cost so your business can grow and thrive.

Secure and Reliable Service Slash your communication costs with a cloud-based VoIP phone system

VoIP Cloud Phone System

Say goodbye to the high cost of an on-premise legacy phone system and relieve your team of the burden of complex hardware maintenance. With your phone system housed in the cloud, you won’t have to worry about expensive infrastructure and costly updates. S-NET's Cloud Phone system allows you to reduce communication costs and do more with less. For a low monthly fee, you get reliable service and cutting-edge communication and collaboration features delivered by our robust data center infrastructure.

    • Eliminate capital expenses related to purchasing your own phone system.
    • Reduce communication costs with a VoIP phone system that grows with you.
    • Give your staff the feature-rich communication and collaboration solution they need to be efficient.
    • Reduce your travel expenses with cutting-edge video-conferencing and collaboration features.
    • Keep your teams connected and productive even on-the-go with S-NET Connect desktop and mobile applications.
    • Project an image as big as your ambitions with enterprise features like auto attendant, music-on-hold, voice and video conferencing and e-faxing.
    • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity protects your system settings and call data to ensure uninterrupted service, no matter the circumstances.
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Integrated Voice and Data Simplify your telecommunications infrastructure and reduce your communication expenses with Integrated Voice and Data

Integrated Voice and Data

Expensive hardware and dedicated connections are no longer needed! Simplify your telecommunications and decrease costs by combining HD quality voice communications and high speed data transfers into one integrated connection. S-NET’s Integrated Voice and Data Services deliver superior call quality and fast data transfers by optimizing bandwidth use on your network.

  • Reduce communications costs by combining voice and data services into a single circuit.
  • Allocate bandwidth dynamically for reliable voice and data communications.
  • Customize your solution to prioritize the applications most critical for your business.
  • 24x7 Mission Critical Support with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees 99% up time.
  • Say goodbye to managing on-premise equipment, multiple providers and disparate service contracts.
  • Easily scale and change your solution as your business grows.
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Secure and Reliable Service Reduce your reliance on expensive dedicated connections and ensure your network is always up and running


SD-WAN Technology allows you to replace costly dedicated circuits with affordable broadband Internet connections while making your network more reliable than ever. Its bandwidth aggregation capabilities let you make the most of your technology and use your primary and backup connections simultaneously. By managing bandwidth use on your network, SD-WAN ensures peak performance for your mission critical systems and applications.

  • Replace MPLS with less expensive broadband connections.
  • Ensure a seamless failover between connections to eliminate outages for good.
  • Combine multiple internet connections and locations into one centrally managed network.
  • Optimize the performance of mission critical business applications like VoIP and CRMs.
  • Secure your data with integrated firewalls.
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