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Upgrade Your Business Phone System

Upgrade Your Business Phone System

Get rid of costly hardware, tedious management and unsupported legacy technologies that fail to keep up with your business. Upgrade your Business Phone System and provide your staff with the flexible, mobile business communications they need to be productive.

Secure and Reliable Service Unlock your team's potential with a reliable, feature-rich VoIP business phone system

VoIP Cloud Phone System

VoIP Cloud Phone Systems relieve your staff of the burden of hardware management and provide your teams with a cost-effective, flexible, feature-rich communications solution. Supercharge your staff’s productivity with a wide range of intuitive business features that empower them to easily connect with customers, partners and teams from anywhere and any device.

  • Powerful cloud communications solutions fully customizable to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Enterprise-grade features for Voice, Video, Messaging, Screen- and File Sharing, Task Management and more.
  • End-to-end management that gives you full access and oversight.
  • Advanced admin, analytics and reporting for real-time and historic insights.
  • Easy and seamless integration with a wide variety of business applications including Office 365 and CRMs.
  • High definition voice communications and QoS from any location and any device.
  • Intelligent Contact Center solutions for strong customer relationships and increased agent productivity.
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Secure and Reliable Service Take the powerful capabilities of your business phone with you on your laptop, smartphone or tablet

Mobility Services

Upgrade your business phone system and give your team the tools they need to stay productive on the go. With S-NET Connect Mobile and Desktop your employees have access to a powerful, user-friendly, feature-rich interface for mobile business communications. S-NET Connect allows them to take their office number and caller ID with them on any device, so they can appear professional no matter where they are conducting business.

  • Seamlessly transition between different devices with single sign on (SSO) and ongoing access to corporate directories and presence.
  • Easily place, receive and transfer calls, and start or participate in a teleconference – all from within the application.
  • Get notified of incoming calls and voicemail on every device so you can stay connected.
  • Manage your voicemail, contacts and personal extension from any device.
  • Start a chat or group chat and easily add contacts into the conversation.
  • Place calls using your cell network when internet access is not available.
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Secure and Reliable Service Boost your staff’s productivity with powerful workflow management, file sharing and multimedia collaboration

S-NET LIVE – Online Collaboration

In today's business environment collaboration is key to success. With S-NET Live, give your teams the intuitive workspace they need to work more collaboratively and efficiently. Connect with clients, partners and teams using a suite of real-time collaboration and conferencing features, including HD conference calls, messaging, video, file sharing and so much more.

  • Use reliable, high-quality voice and video, chat, screen- and file sharing within one intuitive workspace.
  • Upload and download messages, photos, videos and other multimedia directly from the chat stream.
  • Provide real-time feedback, approvals, signatures and voice- or multimedia annotations on any file.
  • Share content and hold rich, secure end-to-end encrypted conversations.
  • Manage complex workflows, tasks, files and conversations all in one place.
  • Take your features wherever you go and easily collaborate from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Record meetings and conferences directly from your desktop or mobile application.
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Secure and Reliable Service

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking)

Ensure your staff never experience a dropped call again. Provide your phone system with the resources it needs for peak performance. S-NET’s SD-WAN solution monitors your network, optimizes bandwidth use and intelligently manages traffic to mission-critical applications, such as VoIP. Manage your entire infrastructure through one central interface and set network-wide configurations that meet your organization’s unique needs with just a few clicks.

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Secure and Reliable Service

Business Fiber Optic Internet

If phone communications are the lifeblood of your business, deploy robust Fiber Optic connections and provide optimal resources for all your bandwidth-intense and latency-sensitive workflows such as voice. S-NET’s Fiber Optic Connectivity provides 99.9% guaranteed uptime and SLAs including network availability, network latency and packet delivery. S-NET Communication brings enterprise-grade connections powered by AT&T. ATT Badge

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