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Franchise CRM Secrets You Should Know

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Casey O'Loughlin August 16, 2023

If you’ve ever explored ways to improve your franchise CRM, chances are you’ve come across the benefits of CRM integrations. Whether it’s with your ticketing system, your task tracking software, or your e-commerce platform, CRM integration is a topic of interest for many franchise and multi-location businesses.  

This may be especially true since these organizations require cohesive oversight of their overall business presence and customer interactions. Managing all of this in one platform is ideal but can be tricky to orchestrate.  

In the following sections, we’ll cover how to get the most value from your franchise CRM solution with the right integrations for your needs. 

Franchise CRM Integrations Increase Productivity from Sales to Support  

To start with, let’s address the value your franchise CRM provides as a link between both the front and backends of a multi-location business. A franchise CRM unifies the organizational infrastructure for managing franchisees and provides each individual location with CRM tools to facilitate and manage end-customer sales. If done well, franchise CRM integrations can save time, reduce complications, and generally make life easier for the organization as a whole. 

Considering this, one CRM integration every franchise or multi-location business should take advantage of is integration with your cloud phone system. As the backbone of your communications workflows, having your franchise CRM platform fully integrated with your phone system will allow you to streamline and standardize processes for a cohesive brand presence. This also empowers your sales and support teams with the tools they need to provide superior customer service and keep track of conversations all in one place. By integrating two technologies that are optimized for their respective uses, you will open seamless communication pathways that can be tailored to your core business goals, enhance employee productivity, and lead to increased customer satisfaction. 

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Streamline Your Internal Processes 

For instance, with just a franchise CRM platform, your reps and agents must juggle two different applications when working with franchisees or customers – your VoIP system and the CRM application. Not only does this often lead to lost information but it also adds up to quite a lot of wasted time. Integrating your phone system with your franchise CRM platform allows your employees to automatically log important information without risking distraction.  

Decrease Response Times 

It’s a common experience for many to frequently re-explain information or repeat it to different representatives during a customer service call. This is still the norm for many businesses even though 85% of customers want cohesive experiences. Customers and leads are frequently put on hold so a representative or agent can refresh their memory or get information from a colleague. A franchise CRM integration with your VoIP solution allows any agent, on any call, to automatically pull up old call records, case notes, and additional information right when they answer the phone.   

Improve Accuracy for Agents & Reps 

Copying and pasting information can only get you so far. Especially if your company is in a growth phase and adding new customers by the week. There’s so much data to manage that it’s often wrongly entered, or not entered at all. Integrating your VoIP phones with your franchise CRM platform allows users to automatically pull call data into the CRM while the call is happening.   

These data points can also automatically be updated via the integration, whenever an update is needed – greatly reducing the need for manual entries.

Franchise CRM Integrations Boost Customer (and Rep) Satisfaction

All these improvements a franchise CRM integration provides for your agents and representatives will result in improvements to your customers’ experience. Not only will they have their questions answered faster and with more accuracy, but they’ll also enjoy more personalized interactions.  

Why? Because every agent on your team will have complete customer histories right at their fingertips. Now, when a customer calls in, they’re treated like a person, not a number. And that kind of care pays off. According to the Next in Personalization Report by McKinsey & Company, businesses that prioritize personalized interactions grow 40% faster than those that don’t. 

And let’s not forget about your agents! Franchise CRM integrations reduce the number of tedious tasks on their plates (searching for information, switching apps, chasing status updates, and so on). By integrating your VoIP phone system with your CRM, your team can do their jobs more effectively and thus be more satisfied in their current roles.

Franchise CRM Platform Integrations Keep Your Teams Aligned  

Disconnects between teams happen far more often than any of us would like, especially when you have multiple locations and distributed staff. But when your phone system and your CRM are integrated, all necessary information is collected in one database. Each team can see how leads were contacted, when they were contacted, and more.

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Having these insights prevents repetitive communication, poor customer satisfaction, loss of lucrative opportunities, and other problems. It keeps all your teams on the same page.

The Final Secret to a Better Franchise CRM 

Once you’re ready to integrate your franchise CRM with your phone system, what’s next? To fully optimize your organization and experience, it all comes down to the VoIP phone system you use and the provider who supports your technology. Not only do you need a technology partner that offers a robust cloud phone system solution, but they also need to be able to assess your business goals and needs, fully manage the integration, and offer adequate support throughout the process. 

S-NET Communications is an expert in providing tailored-fit business cloud solutions with expertise in the franchise and multi-location business space! We can optimize and simplify your technology infrastructure with all the solutions, services, and support you need from a single provider who understands your needs. 

Learn more about our Franchise & Multi-Location solutions and contact us to discuss how we can provide the technology you need to thrive.

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